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  • Community Development Masters in Europe
  • Organisations working in community development and civic engagement in Berlin
  • Resources on innovative engagement techniques and games in cities

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Resource 3 - Websites, festivals and organisations experimenting with new forms of building urban communities and engaging the public through play and games


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Resource 2 - Institutes, Foundations and Think Tanks in Berlin working in the areas of education, community development and/or civic engagement (in alphabetical order)

  1. rger für Bürger 
  2. Bürgerstiftung Berlin
  3. Bundesnetzwerk Bürgerschaftliches Engagement
  4. Deutsches Institut für Community Organising
  5. Deutsche Kinder und Jugendstiftung
  6. Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen
  7. Haus der kleinen Forscher - investigating new forms of science learning for children
  8. Herbert Quandt Stifung
  9. Jugend und Familienstiftung des Landes Berlin
  10. Koepjohann Stiftung
  11. Kooperative Berlin - focussing on online learning and engagement
  12. Oase Berlin e.V.  
  13. Otto Benecke Stiftung
  14. Ruck Stiftung 
  15. Stiftung Lebensfarben
  16. Stefanus Stiftung
  17. Stiftung Bürgermut - soziale Innovation und Engagement
  18. Stiftung SPI
  Please excuse the incompleteness - this resource catalogue is still in progress

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Resource 1 - Community Development Masters Programs in Europe
Having encountered quite the trouble with finding comprehensive information on where to take a masters on community development in Europe I want to make the information I collected available here. If you have any comments on any of these programs or would like to add a program in another country (especially non-UK) you are more than welcome to email me about it.

United Kingdom:1. University of Edinburgh - MSc in Community Education - link

2. London School of Economics - MSc in Health, Community and Development - link

3. University of Westminster - Masters in Community Development - link

4. University of Cambridge - Master of Studies in Social Enterprise and Community Development -link

5. London Metropolitan University - MSc in Organisation and Community Development - link

6. Oxford Brookes University - MA in Humanitarian and Development Practice - link

7. Durham University - MA in Community and Youth Work - link

8. Queen Mary College (University of London) - MAs in Cities and Cultures (might not seem directly connected to community development but you can probably focus your thesis on community development in an urban context) - link

9. De Monfort University of Leicester - B.A. Honours in Youth and Community Development and various MAs in Community Development - link 1
link 2
10. University of Glamorgan - MSc Community Regeneration - link

The Netherlands:

8. University of Amsterdam - MSc in Social Policy and Urban studies link

9. Institute for Social Studies in the Hague - various MAs - link


10. University of Applied Sciences Munich - MA in Community Development - link

11. Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin - various MAs - link

12. Koblenz University of Applied Sciences - MA in International Social Work and Community Development Studies - link 


13. Lund University - Master in International Development and Management - link

14. Baltic University - Masters course in Sustainable Community Development and Urban Planning - link


15. American University in Paris - Master of Arts in International Affairs, Conflict Management and Civil Society Development - link

Community Development is unfortunately a fairly new academic category in Europe even though all the elements it consists of have been practiced here for ages. However, cultural and academic arrogance might have contributed to making Europeans think they had no need to specifically develop their communities. Tellingly the closest thing to community development one could have studied was "International Development" - the rest of the world might need to develop its communities; Europe had no such necessity. North America on the other hand with its large number of newly founded communities was much more open about combining all the disciplines involved in developing communities into one, thereby reinventing "Community Development".

During the 90's European countries have been waking up to the fact that they were not culturally homogenous, that they were increasingly immigrant societies and countries. Problems of cultural, political, and social integration associated with that development have made the need for an embrace of community development painfully clear. Educational institutions have been reacting slowly to the increase in demand. The UK is probably quite far ahead in terms of the number of established programs, also having the advantage of an already established Bachelor/Masters system. Other countries have been busy introducing that system and on top of that combining several old areas of study to create new "sexy" disciplines. Thus, one encounters the problem of naming - community development will rarely be the title of a program in Germany or the Netherlands. Social work, social policy, social management but also urban studies or rural studies are some of the more likely titles of the programs.


Anonymous said...

ummm.... i love you!...

this is exactly what i needed at this very moment. thank you! thank you!

i applied to alice salomon university for applied sciences, but the are not connected to the US financial aid system, thus making it impossible for me to study there.

...after a year of applying, waiting and hoping, i am back to the beginning...

this will be so helpful!

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, offering a diploma & certificate in community development.

Thanks for all the I've been searching for the right school for myself.